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I was hoping to become a Nutrition major now. I have a passion for Nutrition and I believe a good diet can aid anybody, but the problem I have with it is that Nutrition seems to be so affected by the media. I mean, I know SO MANY health professionals are concerned with obesity, but nutritionists; those who should already now all the answers for obesity, seem to have an obsession with studying it. I think it's really stupid because there are so many things that are more important that Nutritionists can use their services for. An emphasis should be placed on "services" because I believe that if we continue to say that your weight is of utmost  concern above anything, then we will not be worthy of our titles. Of course, I will never go that route. In fact, I plan to make a characteristic career of never diagnosing someone based on obesity and I will not bring up weight in my reports as much as possible.

Reclaiming My Heart

I am deciding from now on to actively seek my good traits. In the past weeks, I have been acting solely on urges and I have actually tried to hurt my friends. Therefore, I see the need to reform myself once again to remove that dragon I was turning into from my soul. I have already shown Friendofroark my new ways and she has definitely appreciated it today. Now I am attempting to finish my final exams and other work with as much direction as I can muster.

My Face

I may not show my face on here and you don't know my voice either. But, what is it to be known that way. I wish you didn't see me, didn't hear me, when we met in person. You can't remember who I am, I know how easy it is to get lost. Surely your voices confuse my feelings to you as much as mine would occlude you. And it is hard sometimes to embrace people who look like they don't match you. But sometimes those are the people I need. Or that we all should know. I don't want to be erased, but when I am at home, it is almost as though not existing is what I am expected to do.
How are you dealing with life? Does somebody know your real name? Does someone understand the true meaning of your words?

I should start blogging.

My stories and confessions are mostly like blogs, so I think I will start blogging all my ideas here on EP in one place. Hope people read this! My mood: a bit neutral

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